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How to Move Information between Applications in Windows Vista

You may find the need to move information from one application in Windows Vista to another application. For whatever reason you need to copy and paste or cut paste info from one application to another, you can easily move the info between applications in Windows Vista by following these steps.


Open two applications.

Click the Restore Down buttons in the upper-right corners to reduce their sizes.


Click any corner on each program window and drag to change the size.

Do this until you can see both programs on the Windows desktop at once.


Right-click the taskbar.

The taskbar is the blue bar running across the bottom of your screen.


Choose Cascade Windows, Show Windows Stacked, or Show Windows Side by Side.

Choosing one of these options will arrange the windows on your desktop.


Select the information that you want to move.

Right-click the selection and drag it to the other application document.


Release your mouse.

The information is copied to the destination window.

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How to Move Information between Applications in Windows XP
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