You can move between cards on the Google Glass timeline by using the touchpad and swiping forward and backward, as discussed in the following steps.


View current and upcoming events.

View current and upcoming events in your calendar by swiping backward on the touchpad. These events appear on the timeline. The figure shows an example information card for an upcoming flight.


View recent events.

Scroll through all timeline cards on the screen by swiping forward or backward on the touchpad. Each card displays information about recent events, such as pictures taken, videos recorded, and messages sent — in other words, every activity that you’ve performed recently.

The figure shows a card displaying the results of a recent Google search on the keywords time in San Francisco.


Choose commands for cards.

When you tap any card on the timeline, a menu appears, displaying all the actions you can perform. You can move between menu options by swiping forward and backward on the touchpad and then select an option by tapping the touchpad.

Menu options vary from card to card, and some cards may not have any menu options. Here are some of the most common menu options for cards:

Share: This command shares your picture or video with your contacts, your circles in Google+, and other social networks (such as Facebook) you’re using with Glass.

Pin: This command pins the selected card to the timeline.

Reply: This command replies to the selected message by transcribing your spoken message into text.

Delete: The Delete command removes the selected card from the timeline.

Call: This command is available only if your Glass is connected to your Android smartphone through a Bluetooth connection so that you can make phone calls.

Read Aloud: When you choose this command, Glass reads the text on the card so that you can listen to its content on the speaker.

If you’d rather go back to the card without making any menu choices, close the menu by swiping down on the touchpad.


Work with bundled cards.

Some cards have a folded top-right corner, which indicates that the card is bundled. A bundled card is a group of cards containing information that belongs together. A bundle might contain a card with the current temperature and another card with the extended forecast, for example.

When you tap a bundled card, you see the cards within the bundle. You can move between individual cards within the bundle by swiping forward or backward.


Receive notifications.

If your Glass is connected to the Internet through a Wi-Fi connection, it continually keeps track of your online activities (such as your e-mail account), and if something new happens, Glass adds a notification card to the timeline immediately.

When you receive a new notification, you hear a chime from the Glass speaker. You also see the new notification card, with the text in the bottom-right corner. This new card is displayed for five seconds after you hear the chime. When that period elapses, the notification appears on the timeline.

Within that five-second window, you can view the entire notification card onscreen by tapping the touchpad or by tilting your head up. A notification card may also include menu options, such as one to delete the notification; you can access the menu while you’re viewing the entire card by tapping the touchpad.

To see missed notifications, swipe forward on the touchpad to see your recent notifications in the order in which they arrived.


Pin cards.

You can pin a card to the Information area easily by tapping the card and then tapping Pin on the resulting menu. To unpin a card and remove it from the Information area, tap it and then tap Unpin on the resulting menu.