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As you work in one of the Office 2013 applications, you may add so much content that you can’t see it all onscreen at once. You might need to scroll through the document to view different parts of it. The simplest way to scroll through a document is by using the scroll bars with your mouse.

Scrolling through a document with the scroll bars doesn’t move the insertion point, so what you type or insert doesn’t necessarily appear in the location that shows onscreen.

You can also get around by moving the insertion point. When you do so, the document view scrolls automatically so you can see the newly selected location. You can move the insertion point either by clicking where you want it or by using keyboard shortcuts.

Here’s a summary of how to move in your document using the scroll bar:

  • Click a scroll arrow to scroll a small amount in that direction. In Excel, that’s one row or column; in other applications, the exact amount varies per click.

  • Hold down the left mouse button as you point to the scroll arrow to scroll continuously in that direction until you release the mouse button.

  • Click above or below the scroll box to scroll one full screen in that direction if the document is tall/wide enough that there’s undisplayed content in that direction.

  • Drag the scroll box to scroll quickly in the direction you’re dragging.

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