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When you create a Ning group, you have administrative options that you can use to manage things in your group. Every discussion topic in your group shows the following options, shown below the Admin Options header in the top-right:

  • Feature: Features the discussion, which means this discussion topic show up on the group page. Also, featuring the discussion displays the topic below the Featured Discussions header when you click the View All link at the bottom of the Discussion Forum section on the main group page.

  • Edit Discussion: Takes you to a page where you can edit the discussion title, the post, the tags, and any attached files. After you finish making any edits, you can save them by clicking the Save button.

  • Close Discussion: Occasionally, you may fneed to close a discussion, either because it has derailed from its original purpose or because it’s no longer timely. Clicking Close Discussion lets you put a stop to replies on the discussion topic.

  • Add Tags: Lets you add tags to the discussion topic so that members can more easily find it through a search later on.

  • Delete Discussion: If you need to remove a discussion topic from the group’s discussion forum, this is the way to do it. You can't undo this action, so double-check before deleting any discussions in a group.

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