How to Manage a Forum on Your Ning Network

When you create a forum on your Ning network, you can adjust certain options for that forum:


Click your network’s Manage link in the navigation bar.

The Manage page opens.


Click the Discussion Forum link below the Your Network heading.

The Manage Forum page appears.


Select a Discussion Style option. You can pick the Flat option.

Flat shows all replies in a forum topic in chronological order (from oldest to most recent).


Or, select the Threaded option.

Threaded indents replies that are posted about a specific post, which allows members to more easily follow the flow of a discussion.


Specify how you want the Main Forum Page Style to appear.

The Categories option displays all the categories in your forum.


Or, pick the Latest Discussions by Time option.

The Latest Discussions by Time option simply lists the most recent discussion topics sorted by latest activity (when the topic started or when a new reply was posted).


Or, select the Latest Discussions by Category option.

The Latest Discussions by Category option shows all categories as a list on the left side of the main Forum page. It also groups discussion topics under their respective category, sorting them chronologically. It also groups discussion topics under their respective category, sorting them chronologically.


For each category at the bottom of the Manage Forum page, enter a Category Title in the text box.

The category is listed in the forum under this name.


Select an option for who can post on the category.

You can allow members to start discussions in the category or allow only Administrators to start discussions in the category.


If you don’t want members to be able to reply in the category you’re creating, uncheck the Allow Members to Reply box.

This option is checked by default.


Enter information in the Description text box.

This text explains what kinds of discussions are appropriate in the category you're creating. The description text appears below the category title on the main Forum page, as well as on the category page itself.


Delete a category by clicking the Delete link or add a category by clicking the Add Another Category link.

Click the Add a Category link that appears directly above the location on the page where you want the new category to appear.


When you finish making any changes to the style or categories in the forum, click the Save button.

You've saved your changes.

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