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Maybe your bathroom remodel project budget doesn’t allow enlarging your bathroom, or maybe you aren’t in a position to remodel at all. You can still make your small bathroom seem larger. First, combine smart layouts and small-scale fixtures. Next, consider these suggestions:

  • Add mirrors. They’re great space (and light) expanders when used on opposite walls and even on all four walls.

  • Cover a window in sparkling, colorful glass mosaic for a continuous light show.

  • Increase storage by building recessed shelves between wall studs, so that shelves don’t intrude into the space.

  • Keep accessories to a minimum to avoid clutter and confusion.

  • Keep window treatments simple, and blend blind and fabric colors with the walls’ background color.

  • Make a bathroom appear larger and lighter by using panels of space-expanding transparent glass between fixtures.

  • Replace a hinged door with a pocket door (one that slides back into the wall), which requires no swing space.

  • Store only the essentials in a tiny bathroom. Keep refills and replacements handy in an adjoining room or hallway closet.

  • Use glass tub or shower doors.

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