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You can choose PowerPoint text on a slide and make it jiggle. This animation works best if the PowerPoint text has a font like Cosmic or Jokerman. By using a very small motion path and setting the timing options to repeat until the end of the slide, you can make the text jiggle the entire time the slide is on-screen:


Type the text that you want to jiggle.

Use the Font drop-down list to choose a typeface.


Use the Zoom control at the bottom-right corner of the screen to zoom in to 400%.

Zoom in so you can draw a tiny motion path.


Open the Custom Animation task pane.


Click Add Effect and then choose Motion Paths→Draw Custom Path→Scribble.

The cursor changes to a little pencil.


Draw a tightly knit scribble pattern right in the center of the text.

Go back and forth and up and down quite a few times to make the jiggle effect appear to be random.


Zoom back out to normal size.

Now you see what the effect will really look like.


Open the the Custom Animation task pane

This brings up the dialog box that lets you set the timing options.


Change the speed to Very Fast and the Repeat drop-down to Until End of Slide. Then click OK.

It’s that easy!


Run the slide show to check the effect.

You might have to try this several times before you get an effect you like.

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