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Windows 8.1 uses two different types of apps. The traditional software program that ran in older versions of Windows, such as Windows 7, is what is known as a desktop app. Windows 8 introduced an app known as the Windows Store app (because you typically downloaded these apps from the Windows Store).

Fortunately, you generally don't need to be concerned about an app’s type. You can run any of your apps by clicking or tapping their respective tiles on your Start screen.

If the app that you’d like to locate is on your Start screen, you simply click (or tap) the tile to start the app, just as you did in Windows 8. No tile? No worries! If you don’t see the tile, you can simply start typing the name of the app.

Windows 8.1 will suggest items that match,. Although you could also find your apps using this method in Windows 8, Windows 8.1 makes the operation easier because it doesn’t limit your results the way Windows 8 did.


The smallest app tiles typically don’t show the app name; however, if you hover the mouse pointer over the tile, Windows 8.1 will pop up a small box that shows the app name.

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