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How to Link Your Google Account to Your Android Tablet

Information on your Android tablet is synchronized with the information from your Google account on the Internet. Information including your contact list, Gmail messages, calendar appointments, and other Googly things are updated between your tablet and the Internet nearly instantaneously. But none of that happens until you tell the tablet about your Google account. Obey:

  1. Start the Android tablet, if you haven’t already, and unlock the screen.

  2. Keep working through the screens until you see the one prompting you to sign in with your Google account.

  3. Touch the Sign In button to sign into your Google account.

    Or, if you haven’t yet set up your Google account, choose the option that lets you create a new Google account.

  4. Touch the Username text box and type your Google account name.

    Use the onscreen keyboard to type.

  5. Touch the Password field and type your Google account’s password.

  6. Touch the Sign In button.

    If you can’t see the Sign In button, press the Hide icon (shown in the margin) to hide the onscreen keyboard.

  7. Continue working through the Google account setup, touching Next at each screen, until you get to the Finish Setup button.

  8. Touch the Finish Setup button.

    Sorry, but you’re not really done yet. Instead, you’ll see the Account Setup screen. You can choose to add more accounts.

  9. Touch the Next button.

  10. If prompted for location information, ensure that there are check marks by each item.

    You may see up to three items, though the name of each item may change depending on which cellular provider you’re using. Generically speaking, the items are:

    • Location Services: Enable your cellular data provider to access location information, which aids in maps and other location apps.

    • Standalone GPS Services: Allow location information to be accessed by your tablet’s apps as well as by the Internet.

    • Google Location Services: Allow Google to collect your location data anonymously.

    You may be prompted to touch the Agree button after activating each service. Do so.

  11. Touch the Next button.

  12. If you see a Backup Assistant Screen, touch the Skip button.

    Only a few tablets offer Backup Assistant.

  13. Touch the Begin button to start using your Android tablet.

The good news is that you’re done with most of the initial setup. The better news is that you need to do this setup only once on your Android tablet. From this point on, you can start using your Android tablet without being pestered about initial configuration.

  • Another task worth doing at this point is connecting your tablet with a Wi-Fi network.

  • One of the first things you may notice synchronized between your tablet and Google is your Gmail inbox.

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