Knit twists are diminutive cousins of the knit cable. You can knit the twist to the left or knit the twist to the right. Either way, a knitted twist consists of 2 stitches — 1 stitch crossing over its neighbor (left over right or right over left).

Try your hand at knitting a twist to the left.


Slip the 2 designated twist stitches from the LH needle to the RH needle.

Make this transfer one at a time, carefully.


Move the tip of the LH needle in front of the RH needle, pass up the first slipped stitch and enter the second slipped stitch from left to right.

Leave the tip of the LH needle in the slipped stitch.


Gently slide the RH needle out of both stitches.

Leave 1 stitch hanging.


Keeping the RH needle in back of the LH needle, insert the tip of your RH needle into the hanging stitch.

This step essentially creates the twist.


Transfer this stitch to the LH needle.

Both stitches are back on the LH needle, with the first one overlapping the second to the left.


Knit both stitches in the usual way.

Twist complete!