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How to Knit a Button Pillow

Pillows are semi-quick knits with a lot of variations — and knit pillows look great on your favorite chair or couch. Knit a button pillow or two (or a dozen) for useful gifts from the heart.


Here are the materials and vital statistics for this project:

  • Measurements: Vary depending on yarn weight and needle size

  • Yarn: Approximately 400 yards of yarn for a standard 14-x-14-inch pillow form

  • Needles: One pair in a size appropriate for the yarn selected (check its ball band if you’re not sure); yarn needle for seaming

  • Other materials: One 14-x-14-inch pillow form; one to three (or more!) large decorative buttons

  • Gauge: Varies depending on yarn weight and needle size

You can create an adorable button pillow easily:

  1. Cast on your gauge per inch times 14 (the pillow form’s width), plus 4 extra stitches to allow for easy seaming on either side.

    So, if your yarn is 4 stitches to the inch and you’re making a 14-inch wide pillow, you need to cast on 60 stitches ([4 x 14] + 4).

  2. Knit until the piece measures two times your pillow’s height, plus 4 inches; then bind off and block.

    Blocking prevents your knitted work from curling.

  3. Fold the bottom of the piece up until you have a 14-x-14-inch square and seam the sides.

    This step creates the body of the pillow.

  4. Create your loop closures and sew them into place.

    You can knit a wide variety of loop closures — just make sure they're long enough to reach around each button.

  5. Fold the 4-inch flap over the top and stitch on your chosen buttons.

    Put them into place evenly below the bottom edge of the flap.

  6. Insert your pillow form.

    You’re done!

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