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How to Keep a Vintage Memory Fine Tuned

Part of the Improving Your Memory For Dummies Cheat Sheet

Our brain’s ability to process information slows down as we get older; it’s just a fact of life. Your long-term memory stays intact, though, and your understanding of what you already know is greater. Some things to help retain your power to learn and recall are:

  • Reduce your stress level.

  • Improve your blood circulation — exercise!

  • Correct any reduction in your hearing or eyesight.

  • Push your temporal lobes into more activity. For example, listen to lectures and discuss them afterward.

  • Keep your occipital lobes humming. Attending photo and art shows is one way. Going on sightseeing trips is another.

  • Share jokes with friends. Join in the kinds of activities that your friends say are fun.

  • Change your routines. Try new routes that cause you to think.

  • Turn off the TV. Use the time to start a new hobby.

  • Go back to school. Attend adult-education classes.

  • Spend time with young people. They can inspire you and keep you quick on your feet.

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Improving Your Memory For Dummies Cheat Sheet


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