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How to Import Images to Mac's iPhoto '11 from a Digital Camera

iPhoto helps you import digital camera images to your Mac and organize them. Typically, you connect a digital camera to your Mac with the USB cable supplied with the camera. Turn the camera off and then plug one end of the cable into the camera and the other end into the Mac. Turn the camera back on, and iPhoto should open.

Some cameras must be placed in Play mode, similar to what you do on most camcorders, before you can import images from them.

If prompted, click Yes to indicate that you want to use iPhoto to download your photos, then follow these steps to import images.


Type an event name (for example, Father's Day) in the Add Event Name field.

When you connect a camera and iPhoto comes to life, the camera name (if known) will appear under Devices in the source list to the left of the screen, and your pictures will show up in the main viewing area. The Add Event Name field appears in the upper-left corner of the window; type a name that corresponds to the images you're about to import.

If the pictures span a few days, select the Split Events check box to split the collection into several different events.


If you've already imported some of the pictures in the camera, you can select the Hide Imported Photos option.

If Hide Imported is already selected, click Show All X Photos to bring them out of hiding, with X representing the number of photos in question.


Click Import X Photos to transfer all the pictures to iPhoto's digital shoebox.

Again, the X represents the actual number of pictures ready to be imported. The process may take several minutes depending on a variety of factors, including the number and size of the images being imported (and whether videos are in the bunch).

If you'd like to import only selected pictures from this batch, first press the Command key, click all the pictures you want to include, and then click Import Selected.


If for any reason you want to stop copying pictures, click Stop Import.

A counter at the top indicates how many pictures remain to be copied. If iPhoto detects a duplicate photo, it will ask whether you're sure you want to copy it over again. Click Import to proceed or Don't Import to skip this particular image. To avoid getting this question for each duplicate image, select the Apply to All Duplicates option. To stop importing images at some point, click Stop Import.


When the program has finished importing, choose whether to delete the originals on the camera or keep them.

If you plan on copying these images to another device, you could keep photos on your camera for now. Otherwise, you should probably go ahead and remove them.


To unmount the camera, drag the camera's name from the source list to iPhoto trash or click the Eject button.

Turn off and disconnect the camera.

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