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How to Import and Export in Dreamweaver

Adobe Creative Suite 5 allows you to import and export files into Dreamweaver. Tools exist that let you drop native images into Dreamweaver, as well as ino InDesign, Illustrator, and Flash.

Import into Dreamweaver

In Dreamweaver, you can import several different kinds of files into a site you’re creating:

  • Insert images and other media such as Flash, FlashPaper, and Flash Video by using the Insert menu item.

  • Import XML files and XHTML documents exported from InDesign.

  • Cut and paste a layered file in Photoshop. Simply choose Edit→Copy Merged and paste the file directly into Dreamweaver. An Image Preview window opens, and you can then optimize the image for the Web. Choose your settings and click OK.


Exporting Dreamweaver content

In Dreamweaver, you can export your sites so that they’re prepared for publishing and ready to be placed on a live Web site. The site you’re working on in Dreamweaver is exported to your hard drive before you put it somewhere on a server.

The HTML styles used in a site you’re working on can be exported and saved as an XML document, which in turn can be reused if necessary. These files can then be imported into another Dreamweaver project you’re working on.

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