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How to Hide Comments in a Word 2007 Document

Writers and editors can communicate behind the scenes in Word 2007 with the Comment feature. Some people prefer not to see embedded comments displayed in the Comment markup window. You can easily hide comments — without deleting them — when reading and editing a document.

Hiding comments works well in Draft view. In a Word 2007 document with embedded comments and the markup area open, do the following:


From the View tab, click the Draft button.

Look for the Document Views group.


Click the Close button (X) in the upper right of the markup window.

Find the markup window on the left side of the Word 2007 window.

The markup window disappears, but the comments remain, as do the highlighted initials and number of each comment.

To reopen the markup window, click the Review tab. In the Tracking group, click the Reviewing Pane button.

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