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How to Graph Functions on the TI-Nspire

Functionality built into TI-Nspire enables you to graph and analyze functions, inequalities, parametric equations, polar equations, dynamic sequences, phase plots, differential equations, piecewise functions, and 3D graphing.

Press [CTRL][I]→Add Graphs to insert a new Graphs page into a current document. Or, open a new document and press [MENU]→Add Graphs.

By default, your new Graphs page opens with a coordinate graph displayed on the screen. Also, notice the blinking cursor located on the entry line, the narrow space located at the bottom of the screen. The entry line is used to type functions, type inequalities, configure scatter plots, and so on.

The equation for the area of a rectangle with a fixed perimeter of 12 units is area = w(6 – w). The cursor is automatically located next to the first available function on the entry line. Here are the steps to type the equation:

  1. Start typing the equation, making sure that you press [X] for the independent variable. The first screen shows the complete equation on the entry line.

    To type an equation with a set of parentheses, make sure that you include the appropriate operation symbol. In this case, after you press [X], press [x] and then press [ ( ][6][–][X][ ) ]. If you forget to include the operation symbol, you may receive an error message (as pictured in the second screen).

  2. After typing the equation, press [ENTER] to activate the graph.

    Your equation in the third screen appears in the work area, the space above the entry line. Notice that you cannot see all of the graph that you might want to see.

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