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How to Go Wireless on the PSPgo

Many features on the PSPgo are tied to the system's ability to connect to the Internet. When you go wireless on your PSPgo, you can connect to the PlayStation and download new games, listen to Internet radio, browse the Web, or even join multiplayer games online.

Connecting your PSPgo to the Internet is easy as long as you’re in a wireless hotspot.

  1. Start up your PSPgo.

  2. Select Settings→Network Settings on the XMB and click the X button.

    The Settings option looks like a toolbox on the toolbar. Network settings looks like a globe.

  3. Choose Infrastructure Mode and press the X button.

  4. New Connection and press the X button.

  5. Select Scan and press the Right Arrow button.

    The PSPgo will display all the network connections within range of the PSPgo.

  6. Select the access point you want to use and press the X button.

  7. Select the required WLAN security setting for the network you chose. Press the Right Arrow button.

    You may need to ask the network administrator for the appropriate information.

  8. Choose the desired address settings. Press the Right Arrow button.

    Choose Easy as a general rule.

  9. Identify the connection with a name. Press the Right Arrow button.

    Choose an existing name or press the X button to edit an existing name to one that’s easily recognizable.

  10. Press the X button to save the network settings for next time.

    Your PSPgo will store the settings so that next time you’re in range of this network, you can quickly connect to the Internet.

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