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If the time has come to give your business's logo a makeover, begin by evaluating what it is that your logo needs (or what it is missing). Think about whether your logo's makeover should involve only small alterations or a complete overhaul:

  • What image do you want to project, and how does your logo fall short?

  • What about your business has changed since your logo was created? Is your target market different? Has your product offering changed? Do you still make the same business promise? Is your brand character still the same?

  • Can you update your current logo to reflect your updated situation without making a radical identity change, or do you need an altogether new symbol?

  • What elements of your logo are most important to your identity? The symbol? The colors? The wordmark? If you could keep only one portion of your logo, which would it be?

  • Do you have the budget required to change your logo throughout all brand communications?

In addition to the cost of redesigning your logo, you need to be prepared to update every single place your logo appears, and the sooner the better. Trying to apply a new logo on a catch-as-catch-can basis is a formula for brand management disaster. Instead, aim to update your logo in all appearances in as short a period as possible.

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