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If you use a scanner and traditional (that is, nondigital) camera to create images for your eBay items, you've come to the right place. Here's how to get crisp scans of your items:

  • Select items to scan on glossy paper if you have an option; it scans best.

  • When you take traditional photos for scanning, get as close to your item as your camera allows. Enlarging photos in the scanner will only result in blurry (or worse, jagged) images.

  • Scan the box that the item came in by laying it on the flatbed, or if there's a photo of the item on the box, scan that portion of the box.

  • If you're scanning a three-dimensional item (such as a doll, jewelry item, or box) and you can't close the scanner lid, drape a black or white T-shirt over the item after you place it on the scanner's glass plate; that way you get a clean background and good light reflection from the scanner.

  • If you want to scan an item that's too big to put on your scanner all at once, scan the item in sections and assemble the digital pieces with your image-editing software. The instructions that come with your software should explain how to do this.

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