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iOS 6’s multitasking is great, but sometimes you don’t want to see an app’s icon in the iPhone's multitasking tray. Don’t worry — it’s easy to remove any app that’s cluttering up your tray. To get rid of an app icon in the multitasking tray, here’s what you do:


Double-press the Home button.

The multitasking tray appears. Don’t forget that you can swipe the tray from right to left (or left to right) to see additional icons representing other multitasking apps.


Press any icon in the tray until all the icons begin to wiggle and display a little red – symbol.

Tap the little red – symbol for the app (or apps) you want to remove from the tray. The app disappears from the multitasking tray.


To fill the gap in the tray, apps slide to the left.

Icons from the group of apps you’d see if you swiped from right to left on the tray slide onto the screen as needed.


Press the Home button to end the wiggling and hide the red – symbols.

Press the Home button again to dismiss the multitasking tray.

You can also tap anywhere above the multitasking tray to end the wiggling, hide the red – symbols, and dismiss the multitasking tray — all in one fell swoop.

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