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Keynote, the presentation software that comes with iWork, doesn’t restrict you to the default fonts for the theme you chose. It’s easy to format the text in your slides — you can choose a different font family, font color, text alignment, and text attributes such as bolding and italicizing on the fly, whenever you like.

Select the desired text by double-clicking a box and then dragging the text cursor to highlight the characters. Now apply your formatting using one of these two methods:

  • The Format Bar: The font controls on the Format Bar work just as the controls on the toolbar do: Either click a font control to display a pop-up menu or click a button to immediately perform an action.

    Clicking the Font Size pop-up menu, for example, displays a range of sizes for the selected text — with a single click on the B (bold) button, you’ll add the bold attribute to the highlighted characters.

  • The Format menu: The controls on the Format menu generally mirror those on the Format Bar. To change the alignment from the Format menu, click Format and hover the mouse cursor over the Text menu item. To change text attributes, click Format and hover your mouse over the Font menu.

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