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How to Ensure that Your QR Code Will Work

The last thing you want is someone scanning your QR Code and then being disappointed when it doesn’t work. In addition to following all of the instructions provided by whatever QR Code generator you choose, follow these three tips to make sure your QR Code will work:

  • Make sure your QR Codes are at least one-by-one inch. Some older mobile devices can’t read codes smaller than this.

  • Make sure to use a URL shortener. If you embed a long URL on your QR Code, you’ll increase the chance that the code will be “too busy” and won’t scan. Shortening the URL produces a cleaner code that’s easily read. Three popular URL shorteners are,, and Bitly.

  • Make sure your QR Code has a quiet zone. This is the white area around the actual code that separates the code from what’s around it. When you use a QR Code generator, the QR Code you create will come with a 4mm border that you shouldn’t block or reduce. Every QR Code is unique piece of digital art. Don’t ruin it by removing the frame.

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