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If Japanese flavors entice you, as an IBS sufferer, you don't have to totally give up that taste sensation. Yes, you should avoid sushi because of the safety of raw fish. You can, however, have vegetable sushi, or even sushi with cooked fish.

The avocado roll and California roll are good choices, but avoid the tempura roll or fried salmon skin roll. Most menus list all the ingredients of each roll so you can scan the list for your safe ingredients. Keep a safe distance from the wasabi green hot sauce — it may light a fire in your intestines. For a safe sushi dip, look for wheat-free soy sauce in the larger restaurants.

Japanese cuisine isn’t all about sushi, though. Rice is a staple of Japanese fare, so you can simply order teriyaki beef or chicken with a side of rice.

Japanese soups can be a very safe IBS choice. Soba (buckwheat) noodle soup, egg drop soup, or miso soup are three common offerings that you may want to try. Just be sure to ask about MSG if the restaurant uses prepackaged soups instead of preparing them fresh.

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