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Glassware apps can send content to and receive content from your Google Glass. Some Glassware apps are preinstalled. You can use MyGlass to shop for more Glassware and to customize the apps on your Glass by tapping the Glassware menu option at the top of the MyGlass home page.

A list of Glassware apps appears on the MyGlass home page. Each Glassware app card contains the name of the app, a brief description, and an On/Off slider button.


If the slider displays the blue On button, the Glassware app is enabled. You can disable the app by tapping or clicking the gray Off button.

To view more information about a Glassware app, tap or click its app card. A new window opens, displaying detailed information about the app. In the bottom-left corner of the window, you also see the permissions and Glass resources that the app requires.

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