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The TI-83 Plus graphing calculator offers four ways to edit an entry — deleting the entire entry, erasing a portion of an entry, inserting characters, and keying over existing characters.

  • Deleting the entire entry:



    to place the cursor anywhere in the entry and then press [CLEAR] and to delete the entry.

  • Erasing part of an entry:

    To erase a single character, use


    to place the cursor on the character you want to delete and then press [DEL] to delete that character.

  • Inserting characters:

    Because “typing over” is the default mode, to insert characters you must first press [2nd][DEL] to enter Insert mode. When you insert characters, the inserted characters are placed to the left of the cursor. For example, if you want to insert CD between B and E in the word ABEF, you would place the cursor on E to make the insertion.

    To insert characters, use


    to place the cursor at the location of the desired insertion, press [2nd][DEL], and then key in the characters you want to insert. When you’re finished inserting characters, press one of the arrow keys to take the calculator out of Insert mode.

  • Keying over existing characters:

    “Type over” is the default mode of the calculator. So if you want to overtype existing characters, just use


    to put the cursor where you want to start, and then use the keyboard to enter new characters.

On the Home screen, the calculator doesn’t allow you to directly edit an already-evaluated expression or an already-executed command. But you can recall that expression or command if it was the last entry you made in the calculator — and when it’s recalled, you can edit it.

To recall the last expression or command, press [2nd][ENTER]. This makes the calculator paste a copy of the desired expression or command on the Home screen so you can edit it.

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