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To edit a contact on your Samsung Galaxy Tab, start by locating and displaying the contact’s information. Touch the Edit Contact icon button, and start making changes.


Add information by touching a field and typing on the onscreen keyboard. You can edit information as well: Touch the field to edit and change whatever you want. When you’re finished, touch the Done button.

You can also edit a contact to make it a favorite. A favorite contact is someone you stay in touch with most often. The person doesn’t have to be someone you like — just someone you (perhaps unfortunately) contact often.

The favorite contacts are kept in the Starred group, which can be chosen from the Contact Groups menu. There are also other apps and widgets that make use of your favorite contacts.


To add a contact to the Starred group, display the contact’s information and touch the Star button by the contact’s image. When the star is blue, the contact is one of your favorites and stored in the Starred group.

To remove a favorite, touch the contact’s star again, and it loses its color. Removing a favorite doesn’t delete the contact but instead removes it from the Starred group.

By the way, a contact has no idea whether he’s one of your favorites, so don’t believe that you’re hurting his feelings by not making him a favorite.

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