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People who have IBS-C aren’t blindsided by the sudden bathroom rush that can hit IBS-D sufferers in the middle of the meal. Eating out with IBS-C presents its own challenges because it seems like you simply can’t do enough to prepare, but try the following tips when you hit the town:

  • Don’t overdo it if you’re having a bout of constipation. Realize that whatever you eat goes into your already-plugged gastrointestinal tract (GIT), so getting carried away isn’t going to help your evening.

  • To prepare for an event, be extra vigilant about drinking extra water, up your fiber intake, and get lots of exercise. This is the normal advice given for IBS-C, and it may just work well enough for you to enjoy your evening.

  • Wear clothing that is loose and comfortable, especially around your waist. If you have IBS-C, you likely have a closet full of stretchy pants that don’t restrict your stomach. But make sure you have a couple of comfortable and flattering outfits that you can wear when socializing. The “I have nothing to wear syndrome” feels even worse when your tight pants are a painful reminder of your days without relief.

  • Keep soothing tea with you. If you feel discomfort during your meal and you’ve found the tea that soothes your stomach, always keep several bags on hand. Ask your server for a pot of hot water, and they usually oblige. Just pop your teabag into the pot and sip through the discomfort.

  • Avoid your trigger foods even if you’re feeling good. As tempting as that questionable dish may look, you don’t want to risk setting off your IBS on your night out.

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