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Drawing figures from the same perspective all the time is way boring, so master the different views from the beginning. You don’t want to get in a front-view rut. Drawing from a side view lets you vary your looks. Certain types of clothes show best from certain angles.

The look of the torso from the side really counts in fashion illustration: A woman can show off her bod, and a guy can look pretty ripped in a simple T-shirt. Use the S curve to show side attitude; women get a more extreme curve than dudes, who get just a slight curve.

To create a side look for a female, try these steps:

  1. Draw two rectangles at nearly a 90-degree angle to each other. Draw an S curve that passes through the center of both rectangles.

    From the side view, a fashion figure doesn’t taper much at the waist, so you can replace the trapezoids with rectangles when drawing the torso.

  2. Sketch in a neck and head facing sideways.

  3. Add an oval for the armhole in the top left corner of the upper rectangle. On the lower rectangle, curve the back of the butt for a round derrière and then add the downward arc for the right leg.

  4. Connect the upper and lower rectangles at the tummy, using a gradual curve to keep the belly flat. Also connect the rectangles at the back to form the figure’s lower back.

  5. Add a perky breast at approximately the same level as the armhole.


You can add the outline of an arm and leg to make a more complete figure if you’d like. See Chapter 6 for info on drawing these limbs.

The shape of a guy’s torso is getting a lot of media play these days. Shirts are left unbuttoned, are worn tight to the torso with no room to spare, and are often sleeveless. All this exposure requires a lot of torso upkeep! When drawing a guy’s torso, use a slightly less extreme S curve for his back and a slight and gradual curving line for the front of his torso.

Follow these simple steps to draw the side view of a guy:

  1. Draw two rectangles that are at a slight angle to one another.

  2. Sketch in a neck and head facing sideways.

  3. Add an oval for the armhole in the top left corner of the upper rectangle. Slightly curve the left side of the lower rectangle to create a rounded buttock — but don’t make it too round! Add the downward arc for the right leg.

  4. Finish with a flat chest, a line that connects the rectangles at the stomach, and a small curve to connect the two rectangles at the lower back.

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