PowerPoint provides a Line button so you can draw straight lines on your slides. With your PowerPoint slide open, choose a location for your line, then follow these steps:


Click the Line button in the Shapes group on the Insert tab.

The button’s icon looks just like you’d think it would — a straight line.


Point the cursor to where you want the line to start.

This is the beginning point for your line.


Click and drag the cursor to where you want the line to end.

This is the end point for your line.


Release the mouse button when you reach your destination.

After you’ve drawn the shape, the Ribbon displays the Drawing Tools tab.

After you’ve drawn a line, you can adjust it by clicking it and then dragging the handles that appear on each end of the line.

Remember that you can force a line to be perfectly horizontal or vertical by holding down the Shift key while you draw. If you hold the Shift key and drag diagonally while you draw the line, the line will be constrained to perfect 45-degree angles.