One of the most useful tools in the PowerPoint Shapes Gallery is the Freeform Shape tool. It’s designed to create polygons on your PowerPoint slides, but with a twist: Not all the sides have to be straight lines. The Freeform Shape tool lets you build a shape with sides mixed of straight lines and free-form curves.


Click the Shapes group on the Insert tab and select the Freeform shape from the Shapes gallery.

The cursor changes to a cross-hair pointer.


Click where you want to position the first corner of the object.

If you hold down the Shift key while you draw a polygon, the sides are constrained to 45-degree angles.


Click where you want to position the second corner of the object.

Keep clicking wherever you want to position a corner.


Hold down the mouse button when you click a corner and then drag to draw the free-form shape. When you get to the end of the free-form side, release the mouse button.

You can click again to add more corners.


Click near the first corner.

The object assumes the line and fill color from the slide’s color scheme.


You can reshape a polygon or free-form shape by double-clicking it and then dragging any of the love handles that appear on the corners.