A mini golden rule is that you must know what a foot looks like before you can even begin to draw a shoe. After you know the basic shape of a foot, you can draw everything from classic sandals and loafers to outlandish boots and heels.


Draw tiny fashion feet.

Let’s face it: Real fashion models have big feet. They’re super tall and couldn’t possibly walk, run, or leap with tiny ones. But in fashion illustration, you never draw feet as big as boats. In fact, some fashion illustrators draw teensy feet on impossibly tall fashion creatures; that’s extreme fashion drawing to the highest power!


Draw a simple foot.

Start with three shapes: Draw a flat triangle for the toes and ball of the foot, a square for the middle part of the foot, and a circle for the heel.

Outline the bottom of the foot by first going around the circle for the heel. Curve slightly upward under the foot for the arch and finish the bottom with a slight curve under the toes.

Outline the top of the foot with a smooth line that comes up from the toes to the ankle.


To create a high arch for dainty lady feet, draw a rolling curve for the heel, arch, and ball of the foot.

Lightly sketch a slanting line for the top of the foot. Sketch a tiny curve for the big toe.

Don’t forget the nail polish!


Practice drawing popular foot poses.

Baby-doll pose: This stance is the most popular. In the baby doll pose, women’s fashion feet usually turn in to show off whimsical-looking clothes.

Walking pose: Feet can look confident striding down the runway.

Ballet pose: The third position in ballet, with toes turned outward and heels overlapping, provides feet with a regal look.

The come-hither stance: This pose, with one foot facing forward and one to the side, beckons you to check out a fashionista’s outfit and accessories. She screams high fashion.


Draw a male fashion foot.

For men, a few simple rules always hold true: Men never turn their feet inward for a cute pose, and their feet turn slightly outward when they walk. However, don’t make a guy’s feet turn out like a duck’s.


Draw children's fashion feet.

For children, keep the feet shorter in length and put them in fun poses with detailed footwear. Try turning the toes together in Mary Janes, keeping the toes forward when sketching fun cowgirl boots, or drawing larger athletic style shoes from a three-quarter view with the laces untied!