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Draw a simple sweater.

Lightly sketch a torso from the front view. To create the neckline, draw a small curve going from one side of the neck to the other. Use a darker pencil to draw the shirt over the figure’s body. Curve the neckline around the sides of her neck to show how the shirt disappears over her shoulders.

Draw straight lines that come down from her underarms and end a little below belly button level. Connect the side seams at the bottom with a slightly curved line for the hem.

Starting at the neckline, trace over your model’s shoulders and go down to the end of the arm. Draw the part of the sleeve on the underside of the arm, starting at the top of the shirt’s sides. End the line slightly farther down the arm than the line for the upper sleeve. Connect the upper and lower sleeve lines with a line that goes across the arm and wraps behind it at the ends.

Add a cuff to the end of each sleeve by drawing two curved lines. Add ribbing to each cuff by connecting the curves with short straight lines. Add a ribbed neckline by drawing a curve parallel to the neckline and connecting the curved lines with short, straight lines.

Add a ribbed hemline by drawing a curved line parallel to the shirt’s bottom and connecting the lines with short, straight lines.

Throughout the sweater (except for the ribbed areas), finish with dots and short lines to indicate some texture from the yarn.

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