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How to Do the Double Calf Stretch

7 of 9 in Series: The Essentials of Stretching

The double calf stretch offers some relief for the calf muscles, which tend to be tight and bunched up from daily activities such as walking and standing. This article demonstrates the double calf stretch.

  1. Stand with your feet together about 2 feet from a wall that you’re facing.

  2. Pull your abdominals gently inward and don’t round your lower back.

  3. With straight arms, press your palms into the wall and lean forward from your ankles, keeping your heels pressed as close to the floor as possible.

    You should feel a mild stretch spread through your calf muscles.

    The double calf stretch helps relieve tightness in your calf muscles. [Credit: Photograph by Sunstr
    Credit: Photograph by Sunstreak Productions, Inc.
    The double calf stretch helps relieve tightness in your calf muscles.

Keep in mind the following tips as you perform the double calf stretch:

  • Keep both heels flat on the floor or as close to the floor as your flexibility allows.

  • Keep your abs pulled in to prevent your lower back from sagging or arching.

  • To increase the stretch, bend your elbows, leaning your chest toward the wall.

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The Essentials of Stretching


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