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How to Do a Voice Search on the Galaxy Tab

The Samsung Galaxy Tab has the amazing ability to translate voice commands into searches to be carried out by web search engines. It’s a tad unreliable, especially compared with how well the other voice feature, Dictation, works overall. Still, it’s worth a try and gets it right more often than not.

Turn on voice input on the Samsung keyboard

To use voice search, you need to activate voice input for the Samsung keypad:

  1. Display the onscreen keyboard.

    Touch a text box or somehow get the onscreen keyboard to appear.

  2. Touch the Settings button, the one with the Gear icon.

  3. Touch the check box by Voice Input to place a green check mark there.

  4. Touch the Yes button to confirm.

    You can touch the Home icon button to return to the Home screen when you’re done.

A new button now appears on the onscreen keyboard, near the bottom right. It’s the Microphone button, as shown in the margin. Touch that button to dictate text instead of typing it.


Oh, Galaxy Tab, would you find a….

On the Galaxy Tab, you can use the Voice Search app to find things with your voice and actually meet with some decent results.

Start the Voice Search app by locating it on the Apps Menu. You can also access Voice Search from the Home screen by touching the Microphone icon in the upper-left corner.

After starting the app, you see the Voice Search input box. Dictate what you want, such as “Restaurants near me.” In a few moments, the Galaxy Tab runs the proper app and finds what you’re looking for.

Examples of what you can utter into the Voice Search app include

Find a good Chinese restaurant
Send e-mail to Obama
Set alarm for o’dark thirty
Listen to The Monkees
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