It’s likely that you have already been playing around with the Playback mode on your Nikon D5300. But, there are different options for viewing photos on your digital camera. For normal playback—that is, to see each photo one at a time—take these steps:


Press the Playback button.

The camera displays the last picture you took, along with some picture data, such as the filename of the photo and the date it was taken. These details may come in handy for organizational purposes once you have taken a large amount of shots with your camera.


To scroll through your pictures, rotate the Command dial or press the Multi Selector right or left.

In this playback view, you can press the Zoom In button to magnify the display. Pressing the Zoom Out button reduces the display size. This is a helpful feature if you are trying to capture something very specific in a shot. It may help you determine if you need to retake a shot.


Press the Playback button again or press the shutter button halfway and then release it.

This will return you to normal picture taking mode and you can snap away!