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A nonprofit capital campaign cries out for a case statement — a brief, eloquently stated argument on behalf of the capital project. Of course, the extent to which you market your case statement is dependent upon your marketing budget.

Sometimes these case statements are fancy brochures with profiles of scholarship recipients, drawings of a planned building, or stories about clients of the future taking advantage of new opportunities. Sometimes they’re simple word-processed statements.

Regardless of how much money you have to put toward marketing you case statement, it is an important part of getting your capital project funded. A capital campaign case statement should incorporate the following elements:

  • A mission statement and brief history of the organization

  • A list of major accomplishments

  • Compelling information about the constituents served

  • A vision of how the mission can be served better as a result of the capital project

  • A vision for the results of the capital investment

  • The campaign’s leadership and goals

  • Naming and giving opportunities

After you’ve put together your case statement, you can show it to prospective donors and use it to build your pyramid of gifts.

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