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The fastest way to get a good-looking table in PowerPoint is to select a table style in the Table Styles gallery and let PowerPoint do the work for you. A PowerPoint table style is a ready-made assortment of colors and border choices. You can save yourself a lot of formatting trouble by selecting a table style. After you’ve selected a table style, you can modify it by selecting or deselecting Table Style Options check boxes.

Select your table and follow these steps to choose a table style:


Click the (Table Tools) Design tab.

The Design view opens.


Open the Table Style gallery.

Once there, move the pointer over table style choices to live-preview the table


Select a table style.

To remove a table style, select Clear Table on the bottom of the Table Styles gallery.

For consistency’s sake, choose a similar table style, or the same table style, for all the tables in your presentation.

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