QuickBooks 2010 allows you to create customized checks that you plan to print. Writing checks with QuickBooks doesn't mean you have to accept one of QuickBooks' Check Style templates.


Choose Banking→Write Checks.

QuickBooks displays the Write Checks window.


Click the down arrow to the right of the Print button.

The Print menu appears.


Select the Print Batch command.

The Select Checks to Print dialog box opens.


Select the checks that you want to print.

Click to select them.


In the First Check Number text box, enter the number of the first check form to use for printing, then click OK.

QuickBooks displays the Print Checks dialog box.


Click the Fonts tab in the Print Checks dialog box.

This tab includes a couple of buttons you can click to specify what fonts QuickBooks should use for printing check forms.


Click the Font button.

QuickBooks displays the Select Font dialog box.


Select the font you want from the Font list box, any special type style (such as bold or italic) from the Font Style list box, and the point size from the Size list box.

You can experiment with different font settings and see the combined effect in the Sample box.


Click the Partial Page tab.

Use this tab’s buttons to tell QuickBooks how you feed a partial page of check forms through your printer.


Select a Partial Page Printing Style radio button.

You can choose Side, Center, or Portrait.


Click the Logo button in the Print Checks dialog box.

A little dialog box appears that lets you tell QuickBooks it should print a logo on your checks. To print a logo, you need an image file for the logo. This little dialog box just lets you tell QuickBooks where this logo image file is located.