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Users of Lion Servers iChat Service need to have accounts in Open Directory and need to have chat names (or Jabber names). These are in the form shortname@host.domain, such as

You can add or view the Jabber names in Workgroup Manager, which is located in the Servers folder you downloaded. Here’s how:

  1. To turn on iChat service, just click the iChat icon in the Server app’s sidebar and click the big switch to the On position.


    If you have an Apple wireless router (AirPort or Time Capsule) on the network and listed in the Server app’s sidebar, a dialog may ask you whether you want to allow Internet access to iChat service. Clicking the Allow button makes iChat Server available to users on the network; clicking Don’t Allow makes it unavailable.

  2. In Workgroup Manager, if you see Not Authenticated, click the lock icon at top right and log in with your Open Directory credentials.

  3. Click the Accounts icon in the toolbar and select the Users icon on the left side.

  4. Select a user from the list at the left and click the Info tab.

  5. Click the Add (+) button next to the Chat field.

    The user’s short name appears in the Chat field.

  6. Click the arrows to the left of the user’s short name and select Jabber.

    The full Jabber name appears in the Chat field.

  7. (Optional) Edit the name, if desired, and click Save when you’re finished.

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