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Workgroup Manager can be used to add, remove and modify accounts in Lion Server. Unlike in previous versions of Mac OS X Server, Workgroup Manager is not installed with Lion Server. You must download it separately from Apple as part of the Server Admin Tools package, which also includes Server Admin.

After installing Workgroup Manager, you will need to connect to Lion Server and authenticate to the directory. Once that is done, you can add, remove, and modify accounts. Follow these steps to create a new user:

  1. Click the Accounts icon.

  2. Select the Users tab just below the globe icon and then click the New User icon in the toolbar.

    A new user is created, named Untitled 1. If Untitled 1 already exists, the new user is Untitled 2, and so on.

  3. In the Basic tab, enter the username in the Name field.

    A short name is generated automatically, based on the name.

  4. Enter a password.

    The user ID (UID) is automatically generated based on the first available number higher than 1025 — the first UID used for regular directory accounts.

  5. Click the Save button.

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