Each new blank presentation in PowerPoint 2013 begins with one slide in it: a title slide. You can easily add more slides to the presentation by using the default layout (Title and Content) or any other layout you prefer.

Several methods are available for creating new slides, and each one is best suited for a particular situation. In the following sections, you learn each of the methods.

The most straightforward way to create a new slide is with the New Slide command. In this exercise, you create three new slides: two using the default layout and one using a different layout.


In PowerPoint, press Ctrl+N to start a new blank presentation.

A single slide appears in it.


Choose Home→New Slide.

A new slide appears with the Title and Content layout.


Press Ctrl+M.

Another new slide appears with the Title and Content layout.


Click the arrow below the New Slide button.

This opens a menu of other layouts, as shown.


Click the Two Content layout.

A new slide appears with a title placeholder and two separate content placeholders, as shown.

Notice that none of the slides show any content in the Slides pane. That's because you haven't placed any content into the placeholders on the slides yet.


Save and close the presentation.

Close the presentation by choosing File→Close.