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How to Create New E-Mail Addresses in Lion Server

When you create a user account after mail service has been set up and started, Lion Server automatically creates an e-mail address based on the short name followed by the domain name — for example,

You can create additional e-mail addresses for any user. For example, you might assign to a user who’s responsible for a public website.

To create an alternative e-mail address for a user, you must use Workgroup Manager to create a second short name for the user. Here’s how:

  1. In Workgroup Manager, click the Accounts icon in the toolbar.

  2. Click the globe icon below the toolbar on the left and select the account’s directory domain.

    Log in if prompted.

  3. Select the user from the list on the left.

  4. Click the Basic tab.

  5. Double-click the empty space in the Short Names list box and then type an alias that you want to use in the e-mail address for the selected user.


    If a virtual host is enabled, type the full e-mail address (for example,

  6. Click the Save button.

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