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How to Create an x-y Statistical Plot on TI-Nspire

On the TI-Nspire, you can create an x-y statistical plot using two-variable data sets. In this document, the year and U.S. population data is entered into the first two columns of a Lists & Spreadsheet page. The first column, titled year, represents years after 1900. The second column, titled us_pop, gives the corresponding U.S. population in millions.

How to use Quick Graph on TI-Nspire

Highlight both columns and press [MENU]→Data→Quick Graph or right-click ([CTRL[MENU]) and choose Quick Graph. This action automatically splits the page and adds a Data & Statistics application with the x-y plot of the us_pop versus year data. Notice in the first screen, you can move the cursor to any point and press [CLICK] to reveal its coordinates.

How to graph on a separate page on TI-Nspire

Sometimes, it is preferable to use the Data & Statistics application on a full page. To graph this scatter plot to a separate page, follow these steps:

  1. Enter the data on a Lists & Spreadsheet page.

  2. Press [CTRL][DOC]→Add Data & Statistics.

  3. Move your cursor to the Click to Add Variable region at the bottom of the screen, press [CLICK] to view the available lists, highlight year, and press [ENTER].

  4. Move your cursor to the left side of the screen until the Click or Enter to add variable message appears, press [CLICK] to view the available lists, highlight us_pop, and press [ENTER].

    See the second and third screens.

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