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Every iWeb page theme in iLife offers a Photos page template that uses a grid for automatically resizing and positioning photos as you add them and provides a placeholder caption for each photo. The Photos page also includes a Play Slideshow button that visitors can click to view your photos in a slideshow.

To add a Photos page in iWeb, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Page button on the toolbar, or choose File→New Page.

    Select the Photos page template.
    Select the Photos page template.
  2. Select a theme from the list on the left and Photos from the page templates on the right, and then click Choose.

  3. If the Media Browser isn't open, click Show Media on the toolbar and then click Photos.

  4. Choose the event or album that contains the photos you want to add.

  5. Select thumbnails at the bottom of the Media Browser for the photos you want to add, or select the album name or event title if you're adding the entire album or event.

    Drag a photo or an entire album to the page.
    Drag a photo or an entire album to the page.
  6. Drag and drop the album, event, or photo thumbnails to the photo grid of the Photos page.

  7. (Optional) Click the placeholder text below each photo and type a caption.

After dragging your photos to the Photos page, you can drag them again to rearrange them on the page. When you click a photo on the Photos page, a Photo Grid window appears.

Specify a frame and other settings in the Photo Grid window.
Specify a frame and other settings in the Photo Grid window.

Here's what you can do in the Photo Grid window:

  • Change the style and organization of page elements: Click Album Style to see a pop-up menu of frame styles for all photos on the page. You can also change the number of columns and the number of lines for each caption. (Choose 0 for no caption.)

  • Set the Photos per Page option: The default setting is 99 photos. If you set the Photos per Page option lower than the number of photos you've added to the photo grid, iWeb divides the photo grid into multiple pages and adds page numbers and navigation arrows.

Visitors to your Photos page see an album of photos arranged and framed. One great feature of iWeb's Photos page is that when a visitor clicks a photo, the photo automatically appears enlarged, along with a row of thumbnails for other photos along the top and buttons for downloading the photo, navigating more thumbnails, playing a slideshow, and returning to the album page.

What the visitor sees before clicking a photo.
What the visitor sees before clicking a photo.

If you're placing large, high-quality JPEG images in your iWeb pages and you want to automatically reduce their file sizes with further compression and optimization before publishing them on your site, choose iWeb→Preferences and turn on the Optimize Images on Import option. It reduces the size of images you place on your pages by as much as 60 percent.

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