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The Quicken reporting feature has a number of variations, including QuickReports. With QuickReports, Quicken supplies a quick-and-dirty report. If you’re working with the transaction list, you can produce a quick report that summarizes certain parts of that list, such as the checks written to a particular payee or the transactions assigned to a specific income or expense category.

Produce a QuickReport with a few easy (and quick, of course!) steps:

  1. Right-click the field that you want to summarize in the report.

    A pop-up menu appears. Typically, the second-to-last option will produce a QuickReport.

  2. Select the second-to-last option in the pop-up menu.


    This QuickReport shows the payments received from Aunt Enid. She is such a sweetheart. (The name of the second-to-last option was Payments Received from Aunt Enid.)

If you select the very last command on the pop-up menu, Quicken usually produces a mini-report. A mini-report is a small report that summarizes the transactions that fall into the same category or transactions that have the same payee.

If you click the Show Report button, which appears in the mini-report window, Quicken creates a transaction report for the same information shown in the mini-report.

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