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When you start PowerPoint 2007, a new, blank presentation opens. If you start with a blank presentation, you can choose a theme, a background color for the slides, and fonts, and you can fashion your own slide layouts. When you create a presentation with a template, all design decisions are made for you. You get ready-made background colors, fonts, and slide layouts.

PowerPoint shows you a blank presentation each time you open the program. Or to create a new, blank presentation, you can follow these steps:


Click the Office button.

New to PowerPoint 2007, the Office button is the unlabeled, circle with the multi-colored logo in it, in the far upper-left corner of your PowerPoint window.


Choose New on the drop-down list.

You see the New Presentation dialog box.


Double-click Blank Presentation.

A new presentation appears. You can also create a new blank presentation by pressing Ctrl+N once you have opened the PowerPoint program.

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