In Excel 2007, you can create custom dictionaries to use when spell checking your worksheets. You use the Add to Dictionary button in the Spelling dialog box to add unknown words to a custom dictionary. By default, Excel adds these words to a custom dictionary file named CUSTOM.DIC, but you can create a new custom dictionary to use as the default, if you prefer.

The CUSTOM.DIC dictionary file is usually located at C:/Application Data/


Click the Office button and then click the Excel Options button.

The Excel Options dialog box appears.


Click the Proofing tab and then click the Custom Dictionaries button.

Excel opens the Custom Dictionaries dialog box, where you can create a new custom dictionary.


Click the New button.

Excel opens the Create Custom Dictionary dialog box.


Type the name for your new custom dictionary and then click the Save button.

The name of the custom dictionary you created appears underneath CUSTOM.DIC (Default) in the Dictionary List box.


(Optional) Click the dictionary’s name in the Dictionary List box and then click the Change Default button.

This makes the new custom dictionary the default dictionary into which new words are saved.


Click OK two times.

Both dialog boxes close and Excel returns you to the worksheet.

Excel continues to add all unknown words to your new custom dictionary until you change the default back to the original custom dictionary (or to another custom one that you’ve created). To change back and start adding unknown words to the original custom dictionary, select the CUSTOM.DIC file in the Custom Dictionaries dialog box and click the Change Default button.