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How to Create a Lot of QR Codes at Once

After you get started creating and using QR Codes, you may decide you really like QR Codes — a lot. You don’t want just one QR Code; you want hundreds of them!

Infatuation may not be your only motivation. Maybe you’re planning a conference and want QR Codes on attendees’ name tags so you can track attendance to different breakout sessions. Attendees can also scan them to swap contact information.

The good news is that you can process all these QR Codes in bulk. is just one company that can process hundreds of QR Codes at once. For most services, this involves uploading a simple Excel file or other data file, to their site. Be aware that many sites charge a fee for processing QR Codes in bulk.

However, if you want to generate a bunch of QR Codes for free and you don’t mind inputting the data, try the bulk generator at QRExplore. You simply enter the data for as many QR Codes as you like — each on a new line — and click the Submit Query button. You can download all the codes you created into a zip file for easy use.

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