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How to Create a Category for Contacts on Your Joomla Site

Joomla comes with a number of categories that were included as part of your Joomla installation’s sample data. Most likely, you’ll end up either deleting or ignoring most of these categories in favor of creating categories that reflect the needs of your Joomla site.

To create a new contact category, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Contact Manager: Categories page by choosing Components->Contacts→Contacts in any back-end page.

    The Contact Manager page opens.

  2. Click the Categories tab near the top-left hand side of the window.

    The Category Manager: Contacts page opens.

  3. Click the New icon near the top of the page

    The Category Manager: Add New Category page opens

  4. Type a title for the new contact category

    For this exercise, use Joomla! for Dummies.

  5. From the State drop-down menu, choose Published.

  6. Click Save & Close.

    You return to Category Manager: Contacts.

As with most content in Joomla, you need to remember to select Published from the new Contacts Category’s State drop-down list if you want to people to be able to view it.

After saving your new contact category, locate it in Category Manager: Contacts, either by using the page’s built-in search function, or by working your way through the various pages of the Manager. If you followed the instructions correctly, you will see the new category waiting for you.

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