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A blog resembles a diary in reverse: The first entry on a Web page that a visitor reads is the most recent, followed by previous entries. That makes a blog an open-ended diary that's never completed because you continue adding entries as you go along. To create a blog on your iWeb site in iLife, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Add Page button on the toolbar, or choose File→New Page.

  2. Select a theme from the list on the left and Blog from the page templates on the right and then click Choose.

  3. Double-click the our blog placeholder text and replace the blog's header with your own.

    A blog is born.
    A blog is born.

After you set up your blog in iWeb, you can add entries to your blog and edit them:

  • Adding multimedia: Most themes offer a Blog page with a media placeholder — you can drag an image, an audio file, or a movie to this media placeholder to enhance your blog.

  • Adding a new blog entry: Click the Entries page in the Sidebar. Visitors don't see this page, but you use it to edit your blog entries. To add a new entry, click the Add Entry button.

    Edit an existing blog entry.
    Edit an existing blog entry.
  • Deleting an entry: Select the entry in the Title list and click the Delete Entry button.

  • Editing titles: To edit the entry title, double-click the text box and type a new title; do the same for the body text of the entry.

  • Changing the date and time of a blog entry: Click the date above the entry. A calendar appears for selecting a date, or you can click the arrows next to the month, day, and year to select a date. You can also set the time and change the date format on the pop-up menu.

    Change the date of an entry.
    Change the date of an entry.
  • Editing the layout of an entry: You can change the placement of elements in a blog entry, the space between elements, the size of any photos, and other settings by clicking the blog entry on the Blog page to open the Blog Summary window.

    Change blog layout settings (left) and RSS settings (right).
    Change blog layout settings (left) and RSS settings (right).
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